Repair & Refurbishing

Through our extensive product and parts support, we have built solid relationships with repair centres in China and in the Philippine. If you are looking at lower cost solutions for your product repair cycle, we can be of service.

We facilitate the repair process and ensure proper efficiency is being met, along with proper parts management. In addition, we manage the scrap process from the repair operation to ensure safe disposal, and where possible, reuse.

All repair work comes with warranties, which vary according to the product so quality and satisfaction is assured.

In the case of the repair work being conducted in the Philippines, there is no need to import or export with China, so many problems can be avoided. We have our teams on-site to audit and manage the repair process from start to finish.

  • Mobile Phones
    • Circuit Boards
    • LCD’s
    • Touchpanels
    • Housing Refurbishment
  • USB Data Cards
    • Circuit Boards
  • Custom
    • Anything else you need volume repair for