About Us

In early 2009 Asia Manufacturing, Trading, and Marketing was created for the sole purpose of what the name of the company implies. This was not to focus on just China, but the South Eastern Asian region in general. We were originally based in Shanghai, China. The founder had already been doing business in the Asian region for over 17 years (a British citizen).

In late 2010 our business had already more than doubled from when we started and we, as a company, made the decision to move our base to Shenzhen, China. It was during this time also that we purchased our warehouse in Hong Kong. We had also expanded our product lines into mobile phone parts and accessories.

In 2011 and onwards, we became The Asia MTM Group Ltd., as we continued to experience positive growth and even further diversified our product lines. This is also when we added the importation of French wine into China.

The most important aspect of doing business with us is that we have our core values of quality, trust, and professionalism and we do not deviate from that for any reason. Asia is quite open to the world now but it is still far away from most people who are doing business here. For those people, a trusted partner is needed.

We are interested in developing long-term relationships with our customers, which everyone in the industry always says, but very little actually perform under that premise. We take those extra steps that most other companies won’t, just to service our customers and make them feel they are partners with us.

One of the keys to our success is that we have a western face to our customers and an eastern face to our suppliers. This ensures a seamless end to end business flow and we bridge all cultural and language barriers internally.

We continue to grow and offer more and more services, so please stay tuned to see where we can take you tomorrow.