Q: Why should I use an agent to represent my manufacturing needs in Asia?

A: Because we have the industry knowledge, and therefore advantage on being able to get the job done right, the first time. Also to note we are local to the areas where the factories are located.

Q: I only have an idea, what else do I need to get my product made?

A: Just an idea is enough. From there we will guide you through design, sampling, testing, and production. We do all the work for you and handle all the necessary negotiations with regard to price, lead time, factory minimums, etc.

Q: What products can you have made for us?

A: Just about anything. We manufacture clothing, footwear, safety products, industrial products, electronics, toys, paper goods, jewelry, etc.

Q: Where would my products be made?

A: Generally in China, however, other options such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, etc could be viable, depending on what your product is.

Q: How much more expensive is it to use an agent?

A: Actually it’s not, it’s cheaper. We sell you the finished goods, but as we are local and can handle negotiations as a local company, we can get better pricing than that of a foreign company doing business at arm’s length.

Q: What are the benefits of manufacturing in Asia?

A: Being at the beginning of the supply chain for materials is one advantage, but the largest advantage is the lower cost of labour.

Q: What are the challenges of manufacturing in Asia?

A: Allowing for the correct amount of time for shipping, and ensuring the quality requirements of the customer are met.

Q: How do I know I will receive a quality product?

A: It is our job to ensure the factory performs to the customers QC standards, so we are the filter between the factory and the customer.

Q: How do I know my products will meet my required safety standards?

A: During the design and sampling phase, you would need to give the safety data to us so we can include that specification in our negotiations with the factory.

Q: How can I be sure my idea/product is protected?

A: China is a first to file jurisdiction, so if you intend on selling your products in China, you must ensure your trademarks and copyrights are registered in China. This applies to any other countries you are going to sell your products in. If your product is unique enough, we recommend you file for trademark and copyright protection in China anyway, even if you don’t plan on selling here, and should be in place prior to manufacturing.

Q: How long will it take to make my product?

A: It will depend on what your product is, but generally from 30-60 days (plus shipping). This does not include the time needed for factory sourcing and sampling.

Q: What are the payment terms?

A: If manufacturing a product, it is 50% due at time of ordering and 50% balance prior to shipping, if sourcing a product it is 100% prepaid. This can change over time for long-standing customers and is dependant on several factors.

Q: What is the shipping time from Asia to my home country?

A: Depends on where your country is and the method of shipping. Most ocean shipments can arrive at your port within 2-4 weeks after leaving the port of export. Air shipments can take 2-3 days.